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About Us

PRM360 is one of the most Disruptive product introduced in Procurement vertical. PRM360 product helps corporate companies/Industries /manufacturing /Pharma/Startup Companies to handle their bulk and Premium products procurement hassle free. It helps in simplifying the Procurement process.

PRM360 is the purchase team buddy which will help them by eliminating tedious activities & automate the entire process of purchase team. The system does the follow ups for quotations, share detailed automated comparative statements, live bidding, Purchase order approvals & management level reports. In the competitive environment this tool helps in getting the best price through automated negotiation among vendors.

We have a proven track record of saving on an average of 10% to 15% on the final negotiated price before using PRM360.

Here at PRM360, the need of clients is our first concern & we always believe the best is yet to come.

People behind PRM360

  • Nitesh Reddy
    Nitesh Reddy Founder & CEO
  • Ravi Sastry
    Ravi Sastry DGM Sales
  • Megha Mehta
    Megha Mehta Sr Operations Manager
  • Shilpi Mathur
    Shilpi Mathur Inside Sales Lead
  • Deepthi
    Deepthi Operations Manager