Best e - procurement Platform for Cost & Spend Management Service

Improve the way you receive the quotations


Ease in Procuring

PRM360 expertise to manage 360 degree of your purchases, from the selection of the items requirement that matches for cost and quality and supplier; to submitting requisitions to tracking delivery status.



Streamlining the sourcing process

Gathering the entire information in a single platform. allowing companies to connect, screen and shortlist suppliers at one go. Eliminating manual interference & providing automated reminders to the suppliers.

Reverse/ Forward e-auction

Negotiate to a win – win agreement

A Real time negotiation between approved vendors who try to compete against each other by submitting their prices through PRM360. The entire thing happens in time bounded dynamic platform and every vendor gets a fair chance of getting the order.

Cross Currency Platform


Procure anywhere from the world

Customer can interact with vendors across the globe at the same time by using the cross currency platform. Customer can choose the currency to be displayed.
Conversion system will take care as per conversion rate mentioned by user before negotiation starts. Import duty if requested can be integrated by using data from external API’s for which approval will be taken from you.

Vendor Management


Build partnership for a long term

The tool helps in managing Vendor Rating, Vendor Sourcing, Vendor evaluation & Vendor approval. PRM360 help to select the best vendors that will be able to match your company’s performance characteristics by taking the vendor profile into consideration.

Mobile Application


Easily Accessible tool

Considering the necessity of quick turnaround time, the entire application is built in both the platforms – IOS & Android.

Procurement Work flow management

Improve efficiency with automatic notification of actions required

PRM360 enables workflow automation & easy procurement management process modeling & running in a fully configurable user interface. PRM360 establish a streamlined and centralized procurement and purchasing process.



Gain Instant Results

PRM360 platform integrates the process of reporting across all levels of responsibility related to Procurement. The tool provides accurate information to users in real time. With the PRM360 reports, you will see what you need & when you need it.

Technical evaluation

Get Trouble- free assessment

Explain and Justify the Strengths of the vendors that make the Selected Firm Technically Superior. PRM360 helps in evaluating the vendors on the basis of quality & facility & rates the vendors on the basis of superiority.