Agriculture & Poultry Farm Procurement

Go one step further by merging all the Procurement functions into one single tool.

Increasing market pressures and regulatory compliances are the two critical challenges for agriculture & poultry farms to balance production and high margins. It is often tricky for poultry farms to track meat, measure weights, manage shelves, and scale production without a procurement system in place. The PRM360's integrated procurement solution can alleviate the complexities of poultry farms, such as packaging meat, dispatching to hotels and food services, freezing, and processing. Our procurement solution allows you to yield high margins while preventing missed orders and making analytical & operational data accessible.

  • Retail
  • APMC
  • Commodity

Key Features

  • Intuitive dashboards to manage sales, supply chain, and operations
  • Effectively manage by-products and co-products with increased slaughtering and ensuring product loss is minimal
  • Managing shelf-life and best-before date
  • Cold storage and multiple plant management
  • Access real-time data to make business-critical decisions
  • Define workflow rules for sales, Pos, and general ledger transactions
  • Control inventory costs for chicken, packaging, and other ingredients
  • Quality control for inventory, sales, and procurement
  • Material and costing considerations

PRM360 is a robust eProcurement software ideal to effectively meet agriculture & poultry farm procurement to optimize the production & business process. Additionally, our procurement solution offers real-time data collection techniques for flock analysis, monitoring production, and minimizing GHC emissions that can help suppliers improve the production process in the field of agriculture & poultry farms.

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