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With increasing costs and ever-changing rules and regulations, healthcare procurement has become difficult to adjust to the growing economic times. In the hospital procurement process, Labor turned out to be the highest cost, followed by the cost of supplies. Hospitals realized that improving the procurement process would result in substantial cost savings and a better patient experience.

PRM360's procurement solution allows hospitals to monitor the cost of supplies and services while simplifying the procure-to-pay processes. PRM360 will enable hospitals to source and procure goods using easy-to-use tools and technology, from costly equipment to mission-critical devices. In addition, PRM360 can integrate with the existing financial systems, eliminating time-consuming tasks while cutting costs and improving vendor experience.

How does PRM360 Help in Hospitals & HealthCare Procurement?


Helps hospitals in procurement?

  • Benefits

    • Effectively manage bidding, and vendor sourcing methods, and pre-qualification mechanisms.
    • Key stakeholders can access the secured data anytime
    • Audit trails to monitor supplier participation
    • Quick integration with multiple ERP systems
    • Valuable insights into the actionable data

PRM360's Approval Workflows

Not having a proper approval workflow will make the process time-consuming and tedious. PRM360 offers a centralized platform wherein purchasers and suppliers can raise various purchases and spend requests. It also allows you to customize the approval workflows per your business requirements, configure delegate approvals, and change spending limits.

Also, you can track the requests, see the requisition stage in the approval process and reroute approvals to others when required, by role, department, or location. Automating approval workflows ensures the timely completion of operations, and customers with on-time delivery, giving you a greater insight into the spending process.

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