eInvoice Management Software

e-Invoice Management


eInvoice management of PRM360 redefines the invoice handling process, streamlines the workflows by eliminating the complexity & automating accounts payable. PRM360 makes your invoice management simply effortless with our robust eInvoice management solution. It helps organizations eliminate the paperwork by automating all the invoice management processes, including verification, validation, and reconciliation. With PRM360, all your invoices are automatically matched to requisitions, POs and routed to the right stakeholders. Our intelligent invoicing technology alerts suppliers about errors and prevents fake invoices from entering into the workflow.

Easy invoicing.

End-to-end process automation means you can easily match invoices to POs, contracts, receipts, and AP entries automatically generated in e-Procurement systems. You can also define business rules in the invoice system wherein the invoices with exceptions, or those that exceed the limits set can be sent back to the suppliers for resubmission. The approval routing process eliminates the need to manually send the invoice to the approvers so that you will have no invoice pending approvals. This way, opting to eInvoice management software, you and suppliers will have real-time insight into the status of all invoices and payments, eliminating the need for supplier calls.


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