PRM360 product helps corporate companies/ Industries/ Manufacturing/ Pharma/ Startup Companies to handle their bulk and Premium products procurement hassle free. It would help clients by bringing their regular trusted vendors as per the convenience of the client and perform the e-negotiations to get the best possible price in just 15 minutes. We have a proven track record of saving on an average of 10-15% on the final negotiated price.
PRM360 helps in automating the purchase process to achieve best result in lesser time by system enabled quotation follow-up, auto reminders for quotations and negotiation, e-bidding with all vendors in one platform at same time and also system generated management consolidated reports.
  • Affordable Package
  • User friendly
  • Easy deployment and integration
  • Unique Features
  • Fully Integrated
  • Customized As Per Company Need
  • Competitive bidding
  • Multi-currency options
  • Reporting
  • Technical evaluation
  • Communications and messaging
  • Company User training-Company user training sessions are given in person/on web tools to give proper hands on to the user, web-based and tele -support tutorials also provided for successfully using the service.
  • Supplier training - Company can also provide training support for your suppliers. Supplier training sessions from PRM360 are given email through web-based and tele-support tutorials also PRM360 technical manual is send automatically through system with the details provided by company, that can help them with the tasks required to successfully use the online service
PRM360 customers have experienced average turnaround time approximately 4 hours per requirement.
Client can use the PRM360 for any transactions, but for a better savings we recommend to use the system for any transactions worth more than 50000.
No, we maintain the confidentiality of all the data given to us.
Client being the primary recipient of the material, the entire accountability of the quality lies on the Client end. We would encourage client to meet Vendor once and review their material. Once client finalizes the vendor after the quality check, we are ready to go for the negotiation with selected vendors.
PRM360, being just a facilitator whenever there are credit terms defined, we would encourage vendor to meet client once and leave the sole discretion to the vendors for his participation. PRM360 doesn't take accountability of the payment.
Any number of requirements which you are planning to buy!
In general procurement process, during manual negotiation we do not have an exact base line number for negotiation. Here in online negotiation every vendor becomes a baseline for other vendor's which pushes the vendor to give the best price all the time during negotiation window as all vendor are present in single platform and give their best price due to competitive bidding. Suppliers can react directly to bids from competitor's prices
We recommend the client to come only for a serious negotiation and once confirmed in case they don't buy, they would lose credibility among the vendors and we can't assure next time better vendors/prices. As, we assure clients about the Trusted and Reliable vendors with best prices similarly, we assure Potential clientele having serious immediate requirement to the vendors. This would push vendors for the best price.
If this vendor agrees for a certain price, you can take this as a base price and post the requirement. We at PRM360, would believe one mission statement "Best is yet to come". As PRM360 creates the competitiveness among the vendors it would push them for the best every time.
PRM360 can be implemented on both cloud and on-premise. On Cloud, PRM360 is installed on the server. Configuration of users and access permissions shall be given as per the three-level permission matrix.
Once the installation is done, our experts will provide comprehensive vendor training support.
I PRM360 has 3 different pricing models:
Savings-based pricing model - considers the percentage of savings post negotiation
Transaction-based pricing model - considers No. of transactions
Subscription-based pricing model - Goes with annual subscription fees
Clients can go with any of the pricing models as per their business requirements.
PRM360 features robust security mechanisms and allows you to protect the data through vendor and IPs, https restricted, password encryption, and OTP-based security models.

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