Savings Tracking Management

Savings Tracking

PRM360's real-time Savings Tracking Software outlines the life cycle view of financial & material savings to establish Online Inventory, Scrap Tracking Management SystemRealizing savings is one of the most important objectives of any procurement function. With thousands of categories, limited visibility, and uncontrolled user behavior, it is challenging to measure savings in procurement.

Introducing PRM360's savings tracking Software, a cloud-based solution that can help CFOs track potential savings against realized savings at any given point. The savings tracking Software offers customized dashboards that allow you to do a drill-down analysis by category or supplier and helps you identify the root causes for non-compliance. Gain insights into direct and indirect spending and track procurement savings, revenue growth, or margin improvement in just a few clicks.

Material Tracking

Purchase Material Tracking system

Material management involves complex interactions between processes, suppliers, and inventory, and not balancing these processes effectively would result in costly errors. PRM360 savings tracking Software features fully integrated material management systems that help manage the materials from PO release to items delivered. Also, you can gain complete control over equipment and reduce shortages to avoid stockouts.

Integrated with PO tracking and vendor management systems, PRM360 savings tracking Software provides you insights into various activities such as RFQ status, reorder alerts, manufacturing status, delivery due date list, quantity ordered v/s delivered report, and reconciliation statement while minimizing contract leakages and avoiding costly shutdowns.