Spend Analysis System

Spend Analysis


PRM360's AI-powered Spend Analysis software tracks procurement spending with AP automation and corporate spend analytics to identify trends, risks, & optimization opportunities. More than ever before, analytics is playing a key role in making spending decisions. PRM360 features comprehensive spend analysis tools that help you analyze the metrics and monitor various spending activities' performance from line item to enterprise level. Our intuitive dashboards give you granular insight into the details of spend management so you can easily measure the success against spend management goals.

A Powerful Spend Visibility Solutions

PRM360 spend analysis solution helps you stay abreast of spending by allowing you to analyze the spend data, spend analytics, and figure out cost-saving opportunities while improving compliance. With granular insight into all the expenditures, you can always see how to improve efficiency, decrease costs and monitor compliance. In addition, we leverage artificial intelligence tools to identify the spending patterns and buying activities, which can help the procurement team streamline strategic sourcing plans, reduce maverick spending, and realize substantial cost savings across the supply chain.

Our spend analysis tools give you detailed, insightful reports by suppliers, vendors, or business units in real-time in just a few clicks. These reports can help you understand where most spending is happening across procurement & invoicing and help you identify savings opportunities. All the reports are accessible anytime, anywhere, allowing you to make the right spending decisions at the right time.

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Measuring the performance of your procurement process might seem overwhelming, but, examining procurement budgets, increased revenue or decreased costs is crucial to determine ROI. There are various KPIs in procurement - cost savings, cycle time, spend, and compliance.

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